You are looking to increase your revenue by hiring a Klaviyo Expert to boost your E-mail Marketing.

Here is a taste of what a Klaviyo Expert can do for you!

An effective e-mail marketing setup can increase your revenue by around 20-40%. Using Klaviyo or Mailchimp to create dynamic, responsive flows and daily/weekly campaigns you can now connect to your customer base like never before.

Maximise your store revenue!

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Klaviyo Setup

  • Design and copywriting for 15 e-mails total for the following flows:

    – Abandoned Cart,
    – Browse Abandonment,
    – Post-Purchase,
    – Customer Winback.
  • 1 x Re-Usable Campaign to showcase a new product or sale
  • Campaign template with 2 rounds of edits (1)
  • Flow automation template with 2 rounds of edits (1)
  • Web tracking installed (on request)
  • 1-page website UX report

Completed in 10 days

klaviyo expert uk based

Monthly Maintenence Package

  • 2 – 5 campaigns per week – unique content curated for you
  • List and segment management
  • Flow and campaign optimization

klaviyo expert master klaviyo partner

Make your e-mail marketing work for you!

 When executed correctly, e-mail marketing campaigns quickly pay for themselves! You can expect to generate around 20-40% of your revenue from Email Marketing. What could your business do with a 20-40% boost in revenue?

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Example 1 – 90 Day Statistics for a ‘drop-shipping free + shipping’ store.

klaviyo expert
 email marketing setup

Example 2 – Weekly Statistics. Invested $200 in e-mail marketing for a return of $1591.

klaviyo expert klavio email marketing

Example 3 – Weekly Statistics. 48% of revenue generated by e-mail marketing.

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