It's time to breathe life into your emails

It's time to breathe life into your emails

I'm a Data Driven Klaviyo Expert Freelancer

Step up your game with my Klaviyo email marketing expertise.

Here’s what you need to know:

My email strategies are more than just eye-catching; they’re cleverly crafted to target the right customers at the perfect moments. Think of it as your secret weapon for sales.

Typically, businesses experience a 20-30% overall revenue attribution from emails within just two months of working with me. And here’s a kicker – some even see an astounding 60% boost!

Picture your business not just doing well, but absolutely crushing it. That’s the goal here.

Who am I?

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Meet your Klaviyo Expert

(I currently make my clients over $2M per month!) 

As a certified Digital Marketing and Klaviyo Expert, I’m here to guide you every step of the way towards a successful, highly effective campaign.

With my specialised knowledge in Klaviyo Flow Automations, Klaviyo Campaign Strategy, and Klaviyo Email Design, I can help you create a stellar owned marketing campaign that drives results. Say goodbye to any fear or uncertainty about campaign success and get in touch with me today!

My powerful strategies will help you improve your online marketing efforts, reach your target audience with ease, and grow your customer base. Let’s get everyone talking about your brand and the incredible things you do!

Don’t wait – contact me now to start boosting your sales and achieving your business goals.

Years as a Klaviyo Specialist ⭐️
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Client Accounts Optimised ⭐️
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As a Freelance Klaviyo Gold Master, you can be certain that the quality and efficiency of my work is guaranteed. I also have a great relationship with many other SaaS solutions – talk to me about what you need!


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How can I help?

Maximise your ROI and boost revenue with strategic email marketing: 

Let’s collaborate to craft captivating campaigns and epic automations that drive conversions and grow your business – on auto-pilot!

Full Automation Setup

Start as you mean to go on.

  • Accelerate your store revenue by 20-60%
  • Plug-and-play. All content, copy and graphic design included. 
  • Re-usable, editable template to keep forever.
  • Advanced flows available on request.
  • 3 week turn-around time once template approved.


Account Development

Optimise your existing account, month by month.

  • Grow according to your own pace, objectives and budgets.
  • Re-usable, editable. templates to keep forever.
  • Full customer segmentation and campaign sale strategy to ensure your campaigns convert.
  • Monthly calls and reports.

Proven Track Record

Since starting on the Klaviyo system in 2016, I have worked directly with a range of companies from new startups to established international corporations.

White Label Services

I work with multiple agencies worldwide on discreet white-label services at a sustainable price for your Digital Marketing Agency.

Expert Advice

I have experience and partnerships across many platforms and SaS. CPD is a passion of mine and I strive to keep my knowledge on Digital Marketing up to date and relevant.

Let's chat!

Case Study #1

"These results are AMAZING! I am so impressed, I had no idea email marketing could be such a revenue generator. We are blessed to have you on the Team!"

Step 1.

Advanced Flow Setup

As a new account for a freshly launched business, FarmToPet were the perfect canvas to get creative with both strategy and design.

I completed a full, advanced flow setup which allowed the store to start working on auto-pilot.

Within 30 days, these automations accounted for


of all store revenue!

Step 2.

Monthly Maintenance

I created full monthly maintenance strategy, including goals, objectives and KPIs. 

With just 7 initial warm-up campaigns, overall store revenue increased by


Step 3.

Ongoing Optimisation

As more data became available, I was able to optimise the flows and campaign strategy for maximum ROI. 

By encouraging subscriber engagement, delivery remained excellent and conversion rates consistently delivered a high ROI to Farm To Pet.

The FTP Team are extremely fun to work with, too! 

The results?

Within the first 60 days of implementing Klaviyo Email Marketing, FarmtoPet were able to increase their store revenue by 38%.

And this is just the beginning!

…more case studies coming soon!

(if you’re in the Pet Niche, then this blog about top tips for email marketing for pet niche businesses may be of interest to you!)

Trusted Partners

Helping me boost your business to achieve your revenue goals. Total integration with Klaviyo possible on most plans. 

Klaviyo Specialist for SME businesses

Klaviyo Freelancer since 2016

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Your e-mails could look as good as this…

Flow Automations

Increase your store revenue to 30-60% on auto-pilot.
– Abandoned Cart
– Browse Abandonment
– Add to Cart
– Welcome Series
– Customer Winback
– Replenishment
– Sunset Engagement
– & more!
Bespoke Setup containing 20 emails covering up-to 5 flows.
Pricing starts at £2245.
Book a discovery call to get started.

Monthly Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance to keep your account (and revenue) optimised
– Optimised Email Campaign Templates
– A/B tests of campaigns
– A/B test of existing flows
– Monthly strategy calls
– Monthly/Quarterly Reporting
– & more!
Full-service Monthly Maintenance, enabling you to have a totally hands off approach.
Pricing starts at £895 per 4-week cycle.
Book a discovery call to get started.