Email Marketing is essential to the success of any retention marketing strategy, and understanding Email Marketing Basics is a fundamental step to success. It can be a robust force that can help you make contact with your customers, gain their attention and ultimately reinforce brand loyalty.

Without proper planning and execution, your email strategy can become an impediment to growth. Fortunately there are ample examples of businesses who have built successful campaigns despite initial setbacks; you don’t need to weigh down your existing team or hire an expensive agency to get started!

What is the difference between a campaign and an automation?

Are you a seasoned email marketer? Or do you just start your campaign planning fresh every day? Either way, it’s essential for you to understand the difference between campaigns and automations.

A campaign is a timely communication with a specific segment of your overall subscriber list. If you are having a one-off sale, or launching a new product then a campaign is what you need.

An automation serves your business on auto-pilot, and is triggered by your subscribers activity with your brand. Once built and switched live, they make money for your business, even when you’re doors are closed!

Why is segmentation essential?

A good way to ensure that you’re receiving the most efficient use of your email marketing budget is by segmenting your list. These segments can be based on anything from geography or demographics like age and gender, to interests and likes – even behavioral patterns!

Segmentation allows for more powerful targeting, personalization and relevance in communications, which leads to increased open rates, click-throughs and overall success.

What is a Lead Magnet?

As we mentioned, your primary goal is to acquire new email addresses. But, you can also utilize a secondary strategy for generating traffic to your website and/or landing page by offering an outstanding lead magnet in exchange for people’s contact information.

An intriguing offer such as this can be enticing to visitors who may be on the lookout for an exciting opportunity. For instance, providing away access to valuable webinars or PDFs could provide them with the impetus they need towards reaching out! JustUno is a great place to start levelling up your Lead Magnet efforts.

How can I increase the number of my viewers subscribing to my email newsletter?

Are your subscribers eager to hear from you? Are they anxiously anticipating your next email message? If this is the case, why not up their expectations and make each one bigger than they were before! A huge part of learning email marketing basics is understanding WHO wants to hear from you, and WHEN.

Don’t be too modest with your emails; customise them to suit the recipients’ preferences. If you’re sending out an introductory update, don’t overcomplicate things by including lengthy paragraphs of content – instead rely on just a few succinct sentences which provide an overview of recent developments.

How much money can email marketing really make my business?

Creating a successful email marketing campaign requires commitment and dedication over an extended period of time. In fact, it’s not uncommon for businesses to devote upwards of 400 hours per year towards ensuring their campaigns are optimized – these efforts can yield considerable rewards!

On average, an optimised Klaviyo account can generate 30-60% of overall revenue from a single web store. How much is email marketing worth to you?

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Flow Automations

Increase your store revenue to 30-60% on auto-pilot.
– Abandoned Cart
– Browse Abandonment
– Add to Cart
– Welcome Series
– Customer Winback
– Replenishment
– Sunset Engagement
– & more!
Bespoke Setup containing 20 emails covering up-to 5 flows.
Pricing starts at £2245.
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Monthly Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance to keep your account (and revenue) optimised
– Optimised Email Campaign Templates
– A/B tests of campaigns
– A/B test of existing flows
– Monthly strategy calls
– Monthly/Quarterly Reporting
– & more!
Full-service Monthly Maintenance, enabling you to have a totally hands off approach.
Pricing starts at £895 per 4-week cycle.
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