You may want to know who it is that you are about to work with, that’s awesome! I love to get to know my clients and understand their individual circumstances, so here are a few useful points of information about myself.

this is me..

What does my day look like?

I have a wide range of skills, and never shy away from a challenge! Below is an example of the software I use throughout the day, and what % of work is based on that software.

What does my ideal client look like?

I am available to work in most niches and have experience with many types of business, so don’t worry if your business doesn’t fit into a regular box!

– e-Commerce dropshipping stores
– Bricks&Mortar stores starting from scratch
– Print On Demand stores
– Travel and tourism services
– Hairdressers, dentists, dog trainers and everything in-between!

What qualifications and training do I have?

Offline Education

  • National Diploma in Business and Marketing (Merit)
  • BSc (Hons) Digital Marketing (exp. 2021)

Digital Marketer (Courses)

  • Customer Acquisition Specialist (2018-2019)
  • Email Marketing Specialist (2018-2019)

Google (Courses)

  • Digital Garage: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Analytics Academy: Google Analytics for Beginners

Interaction Design Foundation (Modules)

  • Psychology of E-Commerce: How To Sell Online
  • Design Thinking: A Beginners Guide

Other Relevant Qualifications

  • Klaviyo Partner – 100% at Klaviyo Expert Academy
  • Manychat Agency Partner
  • IDM Award in Digital Marketing